Kang Ouyang

Dr. Kang Ouyang holds several positions at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), including Dean of the Institute of State Governance, Professor and Director of the Institute of Philosophy, Director of the Institute of Social Information Studies, Chief Editor of the Journal of HUST for Social Sciences, etc. Dr. Ouyang is a leading scholar in the fields of national spirit, cross-culture studies, social epistemology, social information and philosophy in China. He published more than 10 books. His recent works includes, “Dialog and Reflection: Contemporary British and American Philosophy, Culture and Others (对话与反思:当代英美哲学、文化及其他, 2005)”, “An Introduction to Social Informatics (社会系统与社会信息:社会信息论导, 2011)”, “On the Chinese Road (中国道路——思想前提、价值意蕴与方法论反思, 2013).” He also edited several volumes of books including “Philosophy of Social Science and Humanities (Chief editor, 人文社会科学哲学, 2001)”, “Map of Contemporary British and American Philosophy (Chief editor, 当代英美哲学地图, 2005)”, etc. He has published more than 300 papers in English and Chinese, took on more than 10 national and international research projects, and visited more than 30 countries for international conference, academic lectures and cooperative research.