New Directions in the Humanities - A Knowledge Community

The International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, its associated journals, The Humanities Book Series and the Humanities News Blog provide spaces for dialogue and for the publication of new knowledge in the humanities. These forums support the work of scholars who are building upon settled traditions in the humanities while at the same time setting a renewed agenda for their future.

We live in an era which seems to be dominated by the rationalisms of techno-science and econo-production. These present themselves daily as enormously powerful forces, driving us alternately to doom or salvation. They weigh their domineering presence ever more heavily in places of learning and research, often at the expense of the humanities.

There is no techno-science, however, without the human. There is no econo-production without the human. Not only are the humanities a third major area of inquiry; the object of study of the humanities is integral to the other two. The humanities interrogate the nature of the human and build a normative agenda for the human, developing programs of action for the humane, the humanistic, human rights, global humanity, the locally humanized.