David Alonso García

David Alonso García, PhD in history for the Complutense University of Madrid (2004). He has been a professor of modern history in this university between 2014-2018 and he currently teaches at Education Faculty as a tenured professor.

His area of expertise includes fiscal history and financial networks during XVIth Century both in Spain and Europe. He has been a visiting fellow in the London School of Economics (2000), Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (2001), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA, 2006) and Università di Roma Tre (2010). He has published more than 80 scientific work, including books, articles, papers, etc.

Since 2012, he has promoted entrepreneurship actions for the humanities, in cooperation with organizations such as Impact Hub Madrid, Indra and Madrid Council. He was awarded with a UCM prize in entrepreneurship in 2016. David Alonso worked as vice-dean of innovation and new technologies in the Faculty of Geography and History between 2015-2018, where he managed different institutional projects linking learning, innovation and entrepreneurship in the humanities. In 2017 he received a mention of honor of REDIPE (Red Iberoamericana de Pedagogía) for his tasks as vice-dean promoting cooperative methods in education.