New Directions in the Humanities International Award for Excellence

The New Direction in the Humanities Journal Collection offers an annual award for newly published research or thinking that has been recognized to be outstanding by members of the New Direction in the Humanities Research Network.

Award Winner for Volume 15

Ecocriticism of Nineteenth-Century Taiwan in John Dodd’s “Formosa”

This article applies ecocriticism to representations of the environment in nineteenth-century Formosa (now Taiwan), focusing on the writings of John Dodd (1838–1907). An English merchant and traveling naturalist, Dodd visited Formosa, made observations, and documented the mostly unknown landscapes and natural resources in early Taiwan. In the fields of ecocritical studies, Dodd is largely unheard of and mostly unknown. Maintaining that ecocriticism is inspired by British Romanticism and American wilderness writing, most ecocritics pay attention to the works of English and American nature writers, such as William Wordsworth or Henry David Thoreau. Focusing on nineteenth-century natural histories about Formosa, this article explores some uncharted spaces of ecocriticism. It aims to offer an ecocritical examination of the writings of Dodd, with special attention to the following questions. How might the genre of travel accounts relate to nature history writing? How is Formosa’s environment represented in the traveling natural histories of Dodd? How did Dodd introduce his readers to the natural productions and natural resources of Formosa? How did Dodd suggest the incipient notion of environmental conservation?

Past Award Winners

Volume 14

From Egypt to the Arizona Desert to Places Still to Come: The Ongoing Meta-literary Journey of Eliza’s Escape to Freedom in "Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Kenneth DiMaggio, The International Journal of Literary Humanities, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp.41–49

Volume 13

Anticipating Nietzsche: Culture and Chaos in “The House of Usher” and "Wuthering Heights"

Fred Mensch, The International Journal of the Humanities: Annual Review, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp.1–15

Volume 11

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Volume 10

Role of Kant’s “Schematism of the Pure Concepts of Understanding” in Hannah Arendt’s Theory of Judgment

Tama Weisman, The International Journal of the Humanities: Annual Review, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp.1–13

Volume 9

VideoPoetry: Collaboration as Imaginative Method

Peter Lutze, James Armstrong, and Laura Woodworth-Ney, International Journal of the Humanities: Annual Review, Volume 9, Issue 5, pp.107–122

Volume 8

Cultivating Moral Sensibilities through Aesthetic Education: The Power of Everyday Cosmopolitanism

Suzanne S. Choo, International Journal of the Humanities: Annual Review, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp.109–118